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I am a specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics and have worked with women's health/Gynecology since 1994 and I´m also educated in Functional medicine -as I want to work more broadly and holistically - still based on science and experience.

I hope you find good information, inspiration, etc on these pages. On this website and on Instagram #OmniGyn

I have the ambition to spread knowledge about women's health, inspire, spread knowledge about Functional medicine, guide to good functional physicians, recommend good activities, recommend caregivers, suggest readable books and things that can bring health and prosperous.

I offer my knowledge as a Gynecologist and Doctor privately funded for those who want a medical assessment /action plan by phone, "second opion",a MD to discuss with.

I can refer to several blodtests, examinations and investigations in Denmark the US and England, prescribe medication, and help with interpretation/explanation about various in medicine.

I also like to engage in other "projects" - read more under the tab "About Dr. Cilla Wernekinck Salamon" and on LinkedIn. I mainly write everything on this site and on my Instagram in Swedish, of cause I speak English and offer consultations etc in English.

During the past year, I have had about 1000 consultations by phone and my experience that it works excellent to start with a conversation in most cases, for a medical assessment and continued planning / investigation / prescription etc.


In the case of more "acute cases", a visit is of course required (severe pain, heavy bleeding, feeling of illness / fever, etc - always contact the health service directly.

Currently I work ONLY by PHONE and there are 3 ways to consult me ​​right now - however currently only "privately" paid for.


If you want to get in contact, please go to “KONTAKT “ and fill in the contact form for a first contact and see how I can help. I will not answer "specific" questions and do not write social security numbers (due to current GDPR rules).

"Normally" I work as a Gynecologist and consultant at GynStockholm / Cevita Care at St Göran's Hospital (Stadshagsgården).

At present, however, I work ONLY by PHONE.

If you want to book a consultation, or get more information please fill in the form "kontaktformulär"- I will contact you thereafter.


Note! I cannot answer individual health questions, or handle follow-up of care/treatment initiated via Cevita Care, the Integrativa Kliniken or another care providers, through this page/kontaktformulär.

Most of the links to professionals in Sweden regarding women's health and Functional medicine, I know personally, and it´s possible for me to refer to, or work with.

I like to work interprofessionally and broadly, but I have the basis in "school" medicine.


Women's health is close to my heart.

You are of course welcome to contact me unconditionally if you want my help, but please contact the above care provider in the first instance if we have had contact before.

 If there is something you are missing on these pages, or have comments about additions, you are also warmly welcome to contact me.


I´ve started out to translate only a couple of tabs on my site to English-and I will not publish everything in English.


I look forward to hearing from you,

Dr. Cilla Wernekinck Salamon


Ps. My thought is that all current advice, inspiration, book tips, links, etc. should take place without any financial collaborations, and without any sponsorship. If I have any financial interests in what is published here, my ambition is that it should be clear. Everything that is on this website and on my Instagram account I have posted myself and it is my personal opinion that these are good sources, see further under Terms & Conditions. Ds

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